So I get asked this one question all the time. I have bed bugs in my place that I am renting and I just want to move out. I am so sick a tired of dealing with them and I just need a good nights sleep again. I have a new place to move to, but I don’t want to bring the bed bugs with me…Can I just get a moving truck or a shipping container/seacan and put all my stuff inside and heat treat it? The short answer is no, it DOES NOT WORK VERY WELL!

Ok, so here is why… When you pack up your stuff to move you typically put most of your stuff into boxes or plastic containers. You also have a lot of things stuffed into a small space. Things will be stacked on top of each other, and jammed up against each other. What this all means is you will not be able to sufficiently heat up your stuff, because the air can’t get around and into all the areas inside. As an example if you have a box full of clothing and towels and there happens to be a bed bug in the middle of that box, it will take a really long time to heat up the center and it probably will not ever, and the bed bug will survive the move to your new home. If you have you ever tried to cook a frozen turkey, you will know why this won’t work. Also if you have a bigger box sitting on top of a couch, air flow will not get underneath the box and will not get hot enough, once again the bed bug survives and moves with you to your new home

You will have a heater at the front of the unit and it will not be able to get to all areas inside, because there will be boxes and furniture in the way. You will also have things sitting directly on the ground or touching the side walls… The walls are poorly insulated if any insulation at all, and quite often it is cold outside, which will suck the heat right out of the space you’re trying the heat. You will need a pile of heat to overcome this. If you have a lot of heat you will also have a lot of hot spots and really high temperatures, which means a lot of damage to you things. In the image of the moving truck to the right there is no possible way to ever heat everything up and kill the bed bugs.

In a normal house you have a bed on a frame that is lifted off the ground, you have furniture with legs that is lifted off the ground, you have clothing hung up in a closet, you have pictures hung on the wall, you have books on a shelf, you have your stuff spread out, and the building is heated and insulated. Does this sound like a better scenario to have success? Well yes it does. We recommend that you leave your stuff the way it is, and heat each room up for 24 hours. Then as soon as that room is finished after the 24 hours you move it out of the building, this way there is no chance of it getting re-infested. You will do a WAY BETTER JOB doing it this way, and it will save you some cash by using our relatively inexpensive DIY SafeHeat kit. You will also have more time to pay attention to the details and do a proper job as we give you the kit for 7 days…not to mention way less stressful! And it work