Bed Bug Treatment in VancouverAnyone who’s ever dealt with a bed bug infestation knows how stressful it can be. Not only are the bites irritating; they also keep you awake at night. Add to that the embarrassment that comes with admitting you have an infestation, and the care you have to take to avoid spreading that infestation to others, and it’s positively nerve-wracking.

So when you’re looking for a bed bug treatment in Vancouver, you know you need a treatment that will work quickly and efficiently. Every day the infestation persists is one more sleepless night for you and your family.

While numerous treatment options are available, the most efficient treatment is going to be a heat treatment. Chemical treatments are available, but they take 3 weeks at minimum to be effective–and over 70% require three or more visits, extending the time to 9 or even 12 weeks.

With a heat treatment, you’ll have instant peace of mind knowing that your infestation has been dealt with in one application. Studies have found that 92% of heat treatments are effective after a single application and the remaining 8% of infestations can be resolved with a second application.

Heat treatment doesn’t even necessarily require a pest control operator to administer; with the extherminate safeHeat kit, you can apply the heat treatment yourself. All you need to do is contact the pest control operator and explain your situation, and the extherminate safeHeat kit will be shipped directly to you. The kit includes a space heater, a fan, a temperature display, and the necessary power cables. It also includes a simple, easy-to-read instruction manual explaining how to use the kit. All you need to do is clear the room of any flammable items such as spray cans (further described in the manual), set up the heater and fan as instructed, verify that the temperature has reached 47 degrees C, and leave the room for 24 hours.

In most cases, it is only necessary to treat the affected room, although some larger or older infestations may require treatment of the whole home. Contact a professional pest control operator if you need such a bed bug treatment in Vancouver.