Bed Bugs Heat Treatment in Calgary

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, you want to get the most effective treatment as quickly as possible. With different pest control operators advertising different types of treatments, how can you decide which is the most effective?

Many pest control operators will use a chemical treatment. Chemical treatments are certainly effective at killing living bed bugs. However, they are not effective at killing bed bug eggs, which typically take about three weeks to hatch. Therefore, after the first chemical treatment, a second will be required about three weeks later; a third is typically required three weeks after that. If all goes well, three treatments should be sufficient.

In addition to the need for multiple treatments, chemical treatment has other drawbacks as well. In most cases, you and your family (including pets) will need to leave the premises for at least four hours and up to two days depending on the particular chemical treatment used. You will have to do some prep work, including washing and sealing all of your clothes and linens, moving furniture away from the walls, possibly discarding some furniture, and removing light bulbs and electrical socket face plates.

With heat treatment, only one application is needed. This is one reason you should consider looking into bed bugs heat treatment in Calgary. The heat treatment will involve a large space heater that will heat the affected area to a temperature of 50 degrees C for about 24 hours. Unlike chemical treatment, heat treatment will not cause the bugs to disperse, so for most infestations, it is not necessary to treat the whole home; it is only necessary to treat the rooms that are known to be infested. This means your family may not need to vacate the whole house. Additionally, heat treatment doesn’t require you to prepare your clothes or furniture; the only prep work you’ll have to do is remove any potentially flammable items such as spray cans from the room to be treated.

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, make sure your pest control operator is able to offer bed bugs heat treatment in Calgary.