Bed Bugs in EdmontonHave you found yourself dealing with an infestation of bed bugs in Edmonton? If so, you may be confused about what options are available to you.

First off, what are bed bugs? In short, they’re tiny, primarily nocturnal parasites, and they feed on blood. Some species feed on any type of animal blood, while others feed exclusively on human blood. It’s the latter that most likely infest our homes. Most likely, your first sign of infestation will be bites appearing on your body, probably on your neck or limbs.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to exterminate. It’s very important that you contact a professional to deal with your infestation. Trying to deal with it on your own will not only be a waste of money; it will quite likely make matters worse. You may try consumer grade solutions like diatomaceous earth, for example, and it may seem that they are effective temporarily. But a few days later, you’ll wake up with more bites. Even worse, you’ll now find them when you sit on your couch as well as when you sleep in your bed. The treatment you tried didn’t take care of the infestation; it just scared the bugs, causing them to scatter around the house.

The most effective way to deal with bed bugs in Edmonton is to contact a professional pest control operator, preferably one who uses heat treatments. Heat treatments are the only available solution that can take care of an entire bed bug infestation with only one application. Best of all, heat treatment doesn’t just take care of your currently living bed bugs; it also takes care of their eggs. That means you won’t have any further surprises a few weeks later.

Heat treatment also works without disrupting your life; in most cases, it will only need to be applied in your bedroom, so you can stay in the house while it’s ongoing, and won’t require you to treat your clothes or furniture any different from normal in preparation.

A heat treatment will be the simplest and most efficient solution to your Edmonton bed bug infestation.